Rättvik – heading back toward Stockholm

The other biggest gap in my plans was figuring out how to get back from Furudal to Stockholm. There’s a bus between Furudal and Rättvik, but not on Sundays. And by the time I’d flailed around looking for a possible ride (seemed unwise to have a train reservation I couldn’t get to), the trains from Rättvik to Stockholm had sold out or become quite expensive. So I gratefully accepted Kerstin’s offer of a ride from Rättvik a little later than I’d originally targeted on Sunday, and then I just needed to solve for meeting up with her. Here Stefhan rescued me: sure, they could drop me off on their way through Rättvik, they could go anytime that worked for Kerstin, and by the way they were even staying in the same tiny hostel in Furudal. So we all had a leisurely Sunday morning and watched some Olympics until it was time to head out.

Stefhan dropped me off at the library in Rättvik. I can always amuse myself in a library. Especially one that has a cute little natural history museum. Kerstin picked me up at the appointed time, and we had a pleasant drive back toward Stockholm. I was staying with P-O in Upplands Väsby (I’d left my suitcase with him on the way through toward Gotland), so we three and P-O’s fiddle buddy Eva all joined up at P-O’s house for dinner and some tunes — a fine companionable evening.

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