Korrö – my new favorite festival

My first time at this festival, and I loved it. So glad I decided to wriggle it into my itinerary. Comfortable size, lovely venue, friendly people, amazing concerts, great dance sets, some nice jamming opportunities. Fun to catch up with friends, especially surprise visitors from afar. Even gorgeous weather alllllmost the whole time, with the notable exception of an afternoon featuring two downpours (I had cavalierly decided after the first one that it was too late to bother fetching my raincoat from the locked car now that it had cleared up).

I stayed with my friends Eva & Bengt, who live about a half-hour’s drive from the festival, and who kindly offered to squeeze me into their already full house. Before that I’d worked out how to borrow a tent and sleeping bag, but it turned out to be a smart idea to head out for quieter parts by midnight-ish, given my level of jetlag. (I arrived directly from the airport. The festival continues pretty much all night, so of course I missed a lot.)

So pleased to be part of a high-quality kitchen session the day after the festival. Wish I’d gotten to play more with all of these folks. Next time!


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