Rättvik – en route to Furudal

Arguably the goofiest part of my itinerary: I head all the way back up to Dalarna from Gotland. But for a good cause: Stefhan & Franziska have recommended the little spelmansstämma in Furudal, and I happen to be free for the weekend. Plus, Hazelius-Hedin are playing a concert in Rättvik on the night I’m passing through.

I have fond memories of the hostel in Rättvik from my very first trip to Sweden in ’05, but it turns out that’s not an economical solution for a solo traveler: you have to pay for all four beds. So I checked in with Tommy, whom I met in DC last fall, and he said they’d be happy to help me out. In fact, they’d even pick me up at the train station and take me to the concert and give me a lift back to town in the morning. Once again I am adopted by kind friends, made welcome and well cared for.

Fabulous concert, totally worth the trek. Enjoyed getting to visit with Tommy & Jill, and did not eat all their raspberries. Had a quiet morning of napping and catching up on logistics, headed into town to wander around some favorite places for the afternoon. Acquired a knitting project, a lace shawl using gorgeous hand-dyed wool from Åland. Visited Tommy’s office at the Folkmusikens Hus and bought some CDs, stocked up on groceries for the weekend. Kerstin picked me up around dinnertime, on her way north from Stockholm, and gave me a ride up to Furudal.

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