Örebro – a restful whirlwind visit

I especially look forward to getting to visit my friend and mentor Olle and his family. This time he squeezed me into a busy summer schedule where there reeeeeeeally wasn’t room, but we made the most of it. He took me to an afternoon spelmansstämma at Brevens Bruk, where there were fiddlers assembled from three regional groups. We returned home around late-dinnertime; his sister Lena came over and they prepared a wonderful feast while I visited with Birgitta, and then we played some tunes. The following day their travel schedule had been pushed forward so I needed to disappear sooner, but Lena was happy to rescue me, and I spent a lovely day with her. It was time for a day off to get some maintenance done on the backlog of mp3s, do some laundry, take a little nap,… Then in the evening we got together with Lena’s friend Lena and drove up to her country place, which her artful renovation has turned from essentially a barn into an inspired living space. We made a nice dinner, hung out in the sauna for a while, had a restful visit. The following morning Lena dropped me off at the train station. It’s very nourishing to feel so well taken care of.

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